The lockdown has now been partially lifted for dental care and we will be seeing a phased return to dental services. We are not able to run to the same capacity as pre-Covid-19 as we must adhere to strict social distancing practices. At present we are also only undertaking emergency care and not routine treatment.


Please read the below very carefully as it contains essential information relating to future visits


Before Your Next Appointment:

  1. We have attached two forms (see links at bottom of the page) that require completion and return by email:
    • Medical history update
    • Covid-19 screening questionnaire

    As we must avoid the transfer of paper and use of pens, please print out the attached forms, complete them and email them to us 5 days before your appointment to If they can not be returned then please contact us immediately. If we do not receive the forms prior to your appointment, the appointment will be cancelled.

  2. We have also attached an information leaflet below that has been produced by the British Orthodontic Society to introduce you to the new ways of working. Here is a link to a short (2 min) introductory video:

  3. We will call you the day before the appointment to ensure that symptoms of Covid-19 have not developed

On the Day of the Appointment:

  • If the patient, accompanying aduly or anyone in the household have developed symptoms of Covid-19, please do not come to the practice and inform us by telephone or email
  • We would encourage you to avoid public transport if at all possible for your journey too and from the practice
  • Immediately before leaving home:
    • Go to the toilet if needed as toilet facilities will not be available within the practice
    • The patient should brush their teeth thoroughly and not eat anything before leaving home. We will not have brushing or rinsing facilities available
  • Wash your hands upto the wrists with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Bring minimal items to the appointment. Avoid bringing handbags, excessive clothing, books, tablets etc
  • Check the weather forecast and dress appropriately and bring an umbrella if it is likely to rain. We will not have normal waiting room facilities to help comply with social distancing and you will have to wait outside until the time of your appointment
  • Bring spare tissues for coughs and sneezes. It is essential that good cough hygiene measures are followed
  • Bring a small bottle of drinking water if you wish. There will be no drinking or rinsing facilities within the practice
  • Bring a contactless debit card if you wish to make any purchases. Cash or credit cards will not be accepted
  • Only one adult from the same household may accompany a child patient. No other children must be bought to the appointment. If they are, they must wait outside the practice or the appointment will be cancelled. Adults should attend alone unless there is a disability. Ideally, only a child should enter the treatment room whilst the parent waits outside the building
  • Please attend before your appointment time and stand at least 2 metres away from the front door to satisfy social distancing. On arrival, please ring to inform us that you have arrived 01923 229109. A member of the practice team will then call and ask a number of questions related to Covid-19 symptoms. If it is considered safe, a member of the practice team will come and collect you and measure your temperature with a contactless thermometer. If the temperature is within normal range, you will be allowed to enter the building. If there is evidence of fever (temperature above 37.8 C), the appointment will be cancelled and rescheduled. Please do not take paracetamol before the appointment
  • Immediately on entering the building you will be given hand sanitizer to clean your hands. You may notice staff will be wearing masks, aprons and protective eyewear
  • If you wish to purchase any items during the visit, please let a member of the practice team know when you enter the practice and we will prepare the items for the end of your appointment. No cash payments will be accepted and payments should be by debit card (ideally contactless)
  • Please at all times exercise good cough/ sneeze hygiene when in the practice (Catch it, bin it, kill it). Tissues must be thrown away and hands sanitized immediately. If poor hygiene is observed, you maybe asked to leave the premises
  • Following the appointment, please re-sanitize your hands and leave the premises immediately. You will be telephoned to make a follow-up appointment. If you do not hear from us within 7 days, please call or email the practice immediately to make an appointment. Please be aware that to comply with safety measures, we will not be running at full preCovid-19 capacity. You may have to wait longer for your next appointment and there will be less choice of appointment times
  • We may need to cancel clinics at short notice if staff are required to self-isolate due either to symptoms or as a result of the ‘track and trace’ scheme

After the Appointment

  • Please follow us on Twitter for latest practice updates @WatfordOrtho
  • Keep us informed of any change in contact details (email, mobile, address) and medical history
  • You will be required to complete a new medical history and Covid-19 screening questionnaire before your next appointment
  • Please never attend the practice if you do not have an appointment as you will be refused entry
  • Call the practice to report any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 if they occur within the next 14 days
We thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing you,
Reception Team